This book is for you if:

* you love to drink wine but aren’t really concerned about the ‘nose’

* you love to drink wine and ARE concerned about the ‘nose’

* you love to drink wine and just want to learn more about YOU.

* you don't even drink wine but want to learn more about YOU.

“As much about your inner self as about the world of wine, the enjoyable book “Wine Types” gives a unique perspective on both.”

- Michael Bishop, Senior Wine Buyer, Green’s Beverages, Atlanta, GA

Intelligent, fun and educational.  Great for both the novice and the experienced wine drinker. A great addition for team building, social or wine education events.

- Jocelyn Whitton, Wine Consultant E & J Gallo Winery Canada, Ltd.

‘Wine Types’ is a small, simple book that is uniquely profound. It is another way of asking the question, “Who Am I?” While it entertains it asks you to look at yourself and how you interact with people and the world. I loved it and enjoyed reading it tremendously. I discovered I was a Merlot. What are you?”

- R. Nari Mayo, Author Echoes of a Dream and True Heart

“How a woman in the wine industry for many years this is a fresh perspective on not only wine and its history but your own personality.”

Diane Easterday Andrews, Samson Estates Winery, Everson, Washington


Interested in finding out more about your
"Wine Type?
Or how you and your partner blend?
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“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”
Carl Jung, “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”, 1962

wine types

You say “Syrah”
and I say “Shiraz”...

Wine Types is a light-hearted, interactive look at personalities. What makes you tick? What can you learn from others in ‘your bunch’?

Are you...
A Cabernet?
A Pinot Noir?
A Champagne?
A Merlot?

Wine Types:
Discover Your Inner Grape


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This book is dedicated to all who seek to learn more about
themselves and sip a little
(or a lot)
of wine along the way.

And to Genner Bear -
my sweet doggy.
You will always be by my side.


Genner Bear

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