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It all started with a line of wine greeting cards... photos taken in my yard among the trees and the flowers, wine glasses and bottles mingling in nature; this to fill a gap that seemed to exist for cards going along with gift bottles of wine and such.

Then came the addition of dogs and cats to the cards...it just seemed a natural fit. Animals are a huge passion of mine - and wine, too. Why not combine them? (And it just so happens that many wine lovers I know also happen to be big pet people.) So there you go.

And THEN as a consultant in human behavior & diversity, I recognized a parallel between wine varietals and their growth process and personalities and our development...and thus, 'Wine Types' came to be.

Here's to everyone discovering their 'inner grape.'

Cheers and enjoy the journey!

Maureen & Bo
Maureen & Bo (both Merlot)
Birch Bay, Washington

Simba (Pinot Noir)

(360) 920-1125 Email: sagebutterfly2@comcast.net

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